Tool for promoting on Instagram

Our tool is designed to promote on Instagram. There is a functionality for automatically viewing the stories of competitors follovers, subscribing to new accounts of competitors subscribers, automatically greeting your new subscribers to direct, outgoing likes from your account by criteria (location, hash tags, account), commenting on posts on assignments. You can promoted your Instagram account in different ways. Our tool is for promote in the cloud, so you do not need to install software on your computer and phone.

Instagram automation tool

Masslooking - automatic viewing of stories

Your account will automatically view the story on your assignment. Viewing stories of followers of specified accounts or by location, hash tags.

Subscription, likes on competitors' followers

Work with followers of your competitors or by location, hash tags. Commenting, likes on user posts, subscribing to users.

Automated actions of your account

Setting up the promotion of your Instagram account with is not difficult. All actions from your account are performed automatically.

Support service works around the clock. We will help you cope with any problem and tell you how to set up Instagram promotion. How to promote your Instagram account to get new clients and followers.

  • Followers
  • Viewing Stories
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Instagram promote

Automatic outbound subscriptions from your account or unsubscribe.

Your account is automatically subscribed to users according to your assignment.

User filter: the number of his subscribers and his subscriptions, the number of publications in the account, the number of likes on posts, etc.

Your account will automatically view user stories for your assignment.

This can be a competitor's followers or location or hash tag or a list of users of your choice.

Account search criteria: who the user is subscribed to, the user's followers, hash tags, location.

Automatic comments on posts in instagram from your account according to your texts.

Automatic search for posts for comments or by your request.

Automatic outgoing instagram likes from your account.

Your account automatically likes people.

Account search criteria: who the user is subscribed to, the user's followers, hash tags, location. Or according to your user list.

Our tool for promoting Instagram works online from the cloud, so the work on promoting Instagram is around the clock.

Since our tool is browser-based, it works correctly on any computer and mobile phone.

All promotion on Instagram is automatic. You set up the work of our tool and further promotion works on its own, without your participation.

Due to automation, the Instagram account is promoted in different ways automatically.

Promote SMM instagram

Promotion in tool is carried out by natural actions from your account, without markups.

Tool - Promoting Program

Set up your own Instagram promotion strategy from your mobile phone or computer in 5 minutes and get automated promotion.



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How long does it take to promote on Instagram?
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What is Instagram promote for?

Promote on Instagram will be useful for a personal account, in order to increase followers, popularity and for business, when you can find your audience, clients on Instagram and then get clients from online already offline. Promote on Instagram is a popular service among smm specialists and ordinary users.

Why is Instagram promote useful?

Firstly, promote on Instagram helps to save a lot of time, sometimes to save years of self-introduction of an account. In a short period of time without advertising through Instagram, you can find your audience and get customers.

Secondly, by promoting on Instagram using tool, you can simultaneously promote several accounts on Instagram and spend at least at least your free time on promoting and maintaining an account, since our cloud tool can manage the promotion of an account on Instagram from a mobile phone. spending 10 minutes a month on it.

Automation of your instagram account will save you from the creative crisis, here is the lack of ideas when the moment arises that you do not want to engage in social networks, at this time your account will promote itself while you sleep and go about your business.

Promote Tips

What is worth remembering if you decide to start promoting on Instagram:

  • the most important thing is to choose the right audiences for work, for example: to get customers and subscribers by subscribing to users, it is important to determine the quality of these users and where to look for them, these can be subscribers of your competitors or users who have put hash tags;
  • try to comply with the limits of Instagram for daily actions so as not to get a shadow ban or account blocking;
  • if you have a question about the program settings, ask a question to our support service;
  • prioritize automation, for example: you set a task for viewing stories, outgoing likes and writing comments, but you don't use outgoing subscriptions. Experiment and choose what works in the promotion most effectively

And the most important tip - do not forget to monitor the quality of the content. Try not to overwhelm your followers with a lot of meaningless publications, otherwise you risk losing the lion's share of loyal followers.